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Dorothy Akin honored with Citizen Recognition Award

Dorothy Akin honored


(STILLWATER, OKLA. / April 23 2014) Since moving to Stillwater in 1995 to be closer to her grandchildren, Dorothy Akin has been an active member of the community. Akin, who received the Stillwater City Council Citizen Recognition Award on Monday, had a rough childhood that inspired her belief in positive thinking and giving back.

Akin is a first generation Japanese American who went back to Japan prior to World War II, but got stuck there once war erupted. Stuck in enemy territory and separated from her country, Akin adopted the philosophy that every day matters. Joe Akin, her son who nominated her for the award, said her days are about contributing, participating and not letting bad things dominate her day.

"Dorothy believes everyone should do whatever they can to improve their community," Joe said. "She sets the standard when it comes to leading by example and demonstrating a servant mentality."

Dorothy demonstrates that mentality in her service with the Stillwater Medical Center, where she has logged more than 6890 hours since 1998. She has taken her dedication to serving to extreme lengths. Joe recalled a winter morning a few years ago when his mom was schedule to volunteer at the hospital. After being forced to close several clinics he monitors for work due to winter weather, Joe called his mom to let her know he would have to take her in later in the morning. Dorothy, who knew the hospital was counting on her to be there, woke up early and drove herself to the hospital before daybreak despite weather that had closed both the university and Stillwater Public Schools.

"I think if I could make one person smile, I mean, I think I did a good job," Dorothy said about her service with the hospital. "I just enjoy people, so that's what I'm still doing."

In 2012, the hospital recognized Dorothy for her service, honoring her with the Volunteer of the Year Award. In addition to her unfaltering service with the hospital, Dorothy has given back in various other ways, many through her local church, where she serves with the morning prayer group and on Saturdays at Saturday Brunch. On top of individually addressing church members' birthday, get well soon and sympathy cards, Dorothy personally pays for postage for cards carrying "special" messages.

"Through her words and actions, Dorothy inspires and motivates everyone around her to be better, to do more, to give more, to laugh more and to be an active participant in life and community," Joe wrote.

Anyone may nominate someone for the Citizen Recognition Award. To qualify, the nominee should display at least one of the following characteristics:

Must represent Stillwater in a positive light

Must be a role model

Demonstrates commitment and leadership

Strives to reach out to others in the community to make a positive impact in Stillwater

Enhances the Stillwater community and the lives of its residents

To nominate someone for the award, please submit a letter of no more than 500 words explaining how the nominee meets the criteria. Include personal contact information, and the contact information for the nominee. If selected, the nominee must agree to attend a specified Stillwater City Council meeting to accept the award.

Please send nomination letters to:

Council's Citizen Recognition

c/o Patti Osmus

723 S. Lewis St.

Stillwater, OK 74076-1449

For more information, contact the Office of Marketing and Public Relations at or 405-742-8362.

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